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These testimonials are from some of our buyers. For privacy reason, we can not release the names.

"Hi Crystal, I don't know if it is psychological but after wearing it, I feel that all aspects of life are much smoother, especially in the area of blocking the bad engergy. Thank you! "

S. W. - Burnaby, BC

"Hello Crystal! Just want to let you know that the crystal bracelets work so well! I haven't experienced stomach cramp for two months! Thank you!"

C. C. - Vancouver, BC

"Thanks to the carnelian and garnet bracelet, the winter doesn't feel as cold anymore!"

R. C. - Vancouver, BC

"I received the charms today. Thank you for the extra gift and the excellent service, and I'm very happy with the charms."

M. S. - Toronto, ON

"I received the package today. Everything looks great! Thanks so much for the good work & for including the extra mantra card. I will definitely return to Love Crystal for future purchases & I will recommend Love Crystal to my friends if they are looking for crystal jewelry."

Follow up testimonial:
"I received the package today. As usual, everything was well wrapped & looks good :) Thanks so much for your good service, kind advice & blessings. I wish you well and I will be back to order more in the future."

J. Z. - Burnaby, BC

"I love the bracelet and it fits perfectly. This is my second time purchasing. I purchased a rose quartz bracelet 2 years ago and absolutely loved it."

Y. L. - Vancouver, BC

"Item received and they are just perfect, even the packaging is so nice. Thank you so much. I love the Little Love Fox, it is so adorable. Thanks."

A. B. - Doha, Qatar

"I received the bracelets, they are really pretty just like your photographs! Thank you so much. I also like the mantra gift you included with my package."

F. Y. - Toronto, ON

"Just wanted to let you know that your package arrived today, and that I am very happy with both spheres. Many thanks and all the best."

S. A. - Ottawa, ON

"I originally had trouble with studies, one day I came across Love Crystal's website and thought I would give their product a try. The designer Crystal is very kind, not only she was making sure that I got my measurements correct, she also explained the characteristics of Tridacna in detail.

After wearing my Tridacna (Chi) bracelet for a while, I feel my studies got much better and I could concentrate. I got very good grades for my finals this semester, so I purchased another bracelet, Royal (Carnelian) and hoping that I could be blessed with health and safety. I highly recommend Love Crystal's products, they are very beautiful to wear as accessories and you can choose the ones that suits you the best."

K. H. - Burnaby, BC

"I wanted to take some time out to give credit to Crystal for my beautiful bracelets. I had a lot of questions during the purchasing process and she was always very quick to reply. The quality of the beads and service provided by Crystal were above par! I am already noticing improvements in my life with the addition of my "lovely" and "pure" bracelets. Thank you Crystal! I will definitely be purchasing more items in the future."

D. B. - Surrey, BC

"I was really happy when I received the package from Love Crystal. The item I purchased was wrapped nicely and there was a gift Buddha card in my package too. I especially would like to thank the designer, Crystal, she was super nice, attention to details and very helpful. She patiently answered all my questions and gave me a good recommendation, she was also very responsible of making sure that I provided the correct measurements for my bracelet.

I purchased Protect (Golden Obsidian) from the Energy Series and it works really well. This year is my Chinese zodiac year, since I started wearing the bracelet, many things that used to trouble me have been much easy to be dealt with. Golden obsidian can also help bring wealth and it also happened to me. I will definitely purchase again from Love Crystal and I would also like to recommend Love Crystal's products to everyone."

S. H. - Burnaby, BC

"This is my first time buying crystal jewelry and I didn't really know too much about it, so I asked the designer, Crystal, a lot of questions. Crystal is very nice and answered all the questions I had. Ever since I started wearing the bracelet I bought from Love Crystal, I feel my life is getting better and better, and the most important thing is that I am much more confident about myself. I am really happy that I got this opportunnity to meet Crystal and I will come back again. If you ever feel like something is troubling you, you can try Love Crystal's products, they will bring you joy and surprises to your life."

R. Y. - Vancouver, BC

"The package arrive safely today. I was thrilled to see my bracelets. They are stunning!!! Thank you very much for bringing me so much joy and energy. I also thank you for sending me the Buddha card. I was delighted to receive it since I am a Buddhist."

W. L. - New York, USA

"Rose quartz contains this really amazing force, I always wanted to purchase some but didn't know where to find a good store that sells crystals in Vancouver. I found "Love Crystal" online. I felt the web site was very professional and made me feel warm, so I decided to purchase the bracelet from Love Crystal. The designer, Crystal, custom makes each bracelet for each buyer, so my bracelet fits me perfectly, and it didn't take long to order either. Since I got my bracelet I have been wearing it all the time (except for when I shower), and I really look forward to what this bracelet will lead me to.

Amazingly, after wearing the bracelet for about 2 weeks, so many people have asked me out. I used to always stay home or went out by myself... I believe it's Crystal's rose quartz bracelet that brought me luck. I get asked out almost every day now and I am not upset like before because I am not by myself anymore. There is also this guy that asked me out on a date and he even told me he likes me!

Rose quartz is really powerful! It helps attract love and maintain good relationship with people! I think the designer Crystal is very professional and she is also a kind person! I highly recommend Crystal's bracelets for people that are looking for help and guidance, your life will change forever!"

follow up testimonial:
"I started wearing the rose quartz bracelet since March, Crystal is really nice, she would first consult with you and find out your needs, and then she would recommend which crystals are best for you. I got my rose quartz bracelet after 3 days, I wear it all the time except when I shower. Rose quartz can bring love, relationship, and attraction, Since April, a friend who I had known for many years started chatting with me, and in May, we started going out together. I really think crystals are amazing. They gradually change your thoughts and your energy and turn your life to be better.

If you are looking for changes in life, I really recommend that you contact Crystal, and choose your crystal, it will be a great help in improving your life."

V. C. - Burnaby, BC

"I came across Love Crystal last November and purchased a rose quartz bracelet.The designer Crystal is really nice, she taught me how to use and care for my rose quartz bracelet. This January when the new term started, I bought a tridacna bracelet to help me with my study. I think the bracelet is really good. I am not very good at accounting, but my midterm results are pretty good, thanks to the tridacna bracelet. I really like it. Also, Crystal is very patient, I always ask her about what I can do to attract more love, and she is always very patient and answered all my questions. Anyway, I really like Love Crystal's products, I will purchase her products again :) "

Y.P - Vancouver, BC

"The service is great and Crystal is very personable. She was very helpful in terms of customizing my order specifically to me. In addition to this, she also provided guidance beyond the product itself. The bracelets even more beautiful in person! I would definitely recommend others to check out Love Crystal. I already feel like I am more protected by simply wearing them. Thank you!"

C. Y. - Vancouver, BC

"I received my package today and I wanted to thank you! Everything is absolutely beautiful."

D. M. - Toronto, ON

"My Chinese zodiac is Dragon and 2012 is my Tai Sui year, it started with many misfortunes, troubles, especially my love life, there had been lots of issues. I came across Love Crystal's web site while surfing online, the site provides detailed explanation of crystal properties, the bracelets on the site are also very pretty, so I thought I'd give it a try contacting Love Crystal.

The designer Crystal called me back after I submitted my request, she was really patient listening to my story. She recommended some crystals in order to resolve my issues, and also spent time looking up information and provided me recommendation of what to do after knowing it's my Tai Sui year. When I got my bracelets I was very happy, they were very beautiful, the photos on the website are the same as the actual products. Each bead was selected by the designer during the making process. I am also very lucky that I was able to purchase the very first total protection energy charm. After wearing these bracelets and carrying the charm, I felt peace, calm, and happiness in life, unlike before.

After a month of wearing Love Crystal's bracelets, I bought another bracelet "Chi", made of Natural Tridacna. Each bead is so elegant and clean, I LOVED this bracelet the moment I saw it and wanted to wear it all the time. Now I always wear my crystal bracelets and carry the charms with me, they keep my energy high and protected. I believe they will bring me lots of luck~

The crystals from Love Crystal are very beautiful and they are also blessed with higher power, these bracelets are great to wear as well as for gifts."

C. Z. - Vancouver, BC

"I acquired a rose quartz crystal bracelet, an onyx and carnelian protection bracelet I never go without, and a rose quartz fox from Love Crystal. Am I happy? YES. I feel that my luck has increased, projects are easier to manage and handle and the results more successful, people are easier to meet and are more cooperative and I feel protected all the time, which gives me more confidence. I’ve met with the designer personally, and know the quality of her products, and the integrity with which they are created. I trust Love Crystal 100% and wholeheartedly recommend to others! You won’t be disappointed!"

K. S. - Maple Ridge, BC

"I would like to take some time out of my crazy life to extend a heart filled thanks for my order of crystal bracelets. Thank you for the direction and advise on the crystals I should be wearing, based on the issues I've been battling and as well the ease of placing the order. Not to mention they are absolutely beautiful.

Call it coincidence, mind over matter or the absolute power of the crystals, but my stomach and intestinal issues have simmered right down, allowing me a more normal life that we all take for granted until it is taken away. I plan on enjoying this time while it has been given back to me. As you know I was so impressed with my life change I ordered a third bracelet.

I forgot to put my bracelets on one weekend out of town and all the symptoms started up again. Within a day of wearing them again, It all calmed down.

Not sure how I feel about all this as I've had my health issues for about a year now and as far as I am concerned after trying different food eliminations, western medicine, different doctors...with no success...I believe in the power of my crystals. Much thanks,"

L. E. - Vancouver, BC

"Before I purchased from Love Crystal I had some issues at work, and it had been troubling me for some time. I mentioned the issues to the designer and she recommended a bracelet made with both carnelian and black chalcedony, and she custom designed one with swarovski crystals in between the beads, it was very pretty and I loved it. Each bead glows and shines, I really appreciate her effort to help me feel better. After 2 weeks of wearing the bracelet, I managed to accomplish many tasks I wasn't able to before, work place has been great with no issues. I can now keep calm with patience when I face challenges at work. I feel really happy."

S. S. - Vancouver, BC

"I found Love Crystal's web site online because I was looking for Buddhist bracelets as birthday gifts for some of my elderly relatives. I was immediately attracted to the bracelets shown on the web site. Actually, I didn't have a lot of faith in product quality from an online store, but I had been looking for good quality Buddhist bracelets for a long time, so I thought I would give Love Crystal a try, so I purchased a carnelian bracelet and also attraction from the elegance series.

When I placed the order, it was approaching my relatives' birthdays, designer Crystal quickly finished all the braclets in 1 day and had asked her friend to bring the package for me from Canada in a very short time so I could have them before my relatives' birthdays. I was touched. The most important thing is that the bracelets are so pretty, they are exactly the same as the photos shown on the web site. I felt the bracelets are worth way more than what I paid for. After receiving my package, I ordered 3 more bracelets. All of Love Crystal's bracelets are blessed by the power of Kurukulle, the bracelets are perfect for gifts or for personal use. I highly recommend Love Crystal's products!"

C. C. - Taipei, Taiwan

"I had a one year contract at work but then my contract was being canceled due to budget. I was talking to Crystal one day and she showed me her crystal bracelets that she was making. I thought they were pretty cool and she showed me one that was made for luck. I thought "why not" since I was about to lose my job. So I purchased a custom made bracelet. I really liked how she tried to personalize it and asked for my preference on the style.

I was hoping that it could help me keep my job but it was not to be. However, a month after losing my job, I received an email from my former former boss asking me if I wanted a job. It was a great turn of luck and I'd like to think that my bracelet from Love Crystal had a hand in it. I have been back to my old job for almost two years now and it's been steady."

G. H. - Vancouver, BC

"This was the first time in my life that I bought crystals. I've heard from other people that in order to find the right type of crystal that matches your energy, you have to buy in person. I was looking online and found lovecrystal.ca, I was immediately attracted to the overall design of the web site. The detailed description of crystal's characteristics is bilingual, and the quality of the crystals looked great from the photos. I then started thinking about ordering online from Love Crystal.

Since this was my first time buying crystals, I had a lot of questions for the designer, and she was very patient answering all of them. Not only that, she also proactively contacted me if there was something that I should pay attention to, she was very thoughtful and offered great services : ). After receiving my bracelets, they were excellent in quality, affordable, and I could also feel a very strong energy around the bracelets. I really recommend Love Crystal to people who are interested in energy crystals as well as buddhism jewelry : )."

W. L. - California, USA

"Excellent bracelet with beautiful stones. Each stone looks crystal clear and clean which give you positive feeling. Great item to have for clothes matching. Also, the designer knows her products well, so she provides excellent service."

follow up testimonial:
"I have finally found the right Chinese doctor who knows how to solve my health issue. Thing is very unique: this good doctor appeared to me without me trying to look for her. Yet the strangest thing is that I constantly had the thought of trying that therapy out in the last few weeks, and then she showed up. Maybe that is "Yuan". It seems like something is guiding me over there."

follow up testimonial:
"Time flies, and I have been wearing the carnelian bracelet for almost a year. I have to say that this bracelet leads me to meet a lot of Buddhists, whom I seldomly met before I wore the bracelet. With everything else that had happened, I would like to say thank you for your bracelet. It is actually very powerful."

J. M. - Vancouver, BC

"Beautiful bracelet made of beautiful crystals, each bead was carefully hand-picked by the designer to ensure that they’re of top quality and crystal clear. Wearing the bracelet helped bring inner peace to my mind and soul, making me a much happier and positive person, which ultimately enriched my life in all aspects."

I. H. - Ottawa, ON

"I’ve been wearing two strings of beads for two to three months now. The first string that I had was a custom made "Origin". I thought I had some bad energies and some false friends around me, so I asked the designer if she could make me a string of beads that would protect me from the bad and also help me to be successful in various areas by empowering my focus, health, and mental system. She, kindly and intelligently custom made Origin for me. From the first day that I wore this string, I started feeling more confident and feeling that bad energies and false friends are slowly moving away from me.

Due to my work and personality, I don’t have a lot of friends and certainly not a lot of female friends. My aunt suggested me to get a string of beads that would help me find and meet more friends, so then I asked the designer if she could make me another string of beads. She told me Dark Amethyst would be a perfect fit for my situation, and she strung one for me right away. She also suggested me to get a Love Charm, which would work really well with the Dark Amethyst bead that she made for me, so I got one as well.

I could totally feel the difference right after I wore that string of Dark Amethyst beads. I met a lot more new friends, good ones, and more female friends. (I do carry the Love Charm with me. I placed it in my wallet.)

Now, I’m wearing these two strings of beads and I do certainly feel being protected from the bad and receiving the good from outside. I would totally recommend getting the beads from Love Crystal. The designer makes beautiful design that fits the needs for each individual. She does not just string the bead, but there are certain procedures that she would do like selecting the good beads and sincerely praying to the Buddhist masters while and after the bracelets are made. Thank you so much!"

A. Y. - Vancouver, BC

"I was first very skeptical of Love Crystal because of the payment methods offered instead of the usual PayPal or Google Checkout, but I decided to give it a try anyway. Then again I doubted the legitimacy of the items, so I decided to ask the seller a few questions. I can assure you that the seller isn't only very knowledgeable about the product, but also about the culture and traditions that the item holds.

I have received my order a week later, which was way faster than expected. The item was wrapped in a colorful pink, brown, white, and orange doughnut-themed plastic bag with a bunny sticker on it; cute. Along with it, came a personal Hallmark greeting card and a special bonus gift. It felt as if I was receiving a package from a longtime friend rather than a trading partner.

I am totally satisfied with my transaction, as it feels as if I have received more than what I've paid for. Love Crystal offers a very amiable service, and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to purchase beaded bracelets or Chinese talismans."

J. J. - Montreal, QC

"Thank you so much for the bracelet. I really do feel my eyes have improved with your excellent care and help. My optometrist also amazed that the conditions with my eyes have stablized. I also feel much calmer. You are indeed a wonderful healer."

S. J. - Vancouver, BC

"These are beautiful crystals, each bead was personally selected by the designer. Whether you want to accessorize yourself or want to bring good luck, you can always find your perfect crystal bracelet at Love Crystal. I am very pleased and satisfied with my crystal purchases, and have become friends with the designer, I believe my crystals can bring me good luck :-)"

S.W. - Vancouver, BC